Armello - Digital Board Game
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Armello’s most requested feature is now a reality.

If your internet connection becomes corrupted, take solace in your ability to rejoin and continue your journey for the throne. Reconnection ensures that your fate can never be stolen.

Hero Mastery

Train, plan and grow. reap rewards for your triumphs.

Complete games to level your heroes and uncover rewards from times once lost, and new horizons alike. These rewards include brand new boast animations, dice from previous collections and extra dice equip slots, so you can equip and roll two different dice in a single stack!

Illustration showing the level up progress steps for character Zosha the Whirlwind
Graphic of character Fang with stats and information for clan grounds

Clan Grounds

Prepare your favourite heroes for battle, your way.

Browse, customise and master each hero in your Clan Grounds. Select and save hero-specific loadouts including skins, dice, and jewellery to ensure that you are prepared to play at the drop of a hat.

Menu Overhaul

Navigate with ease and uncover Armello’s rich history.

The Front End menu has been recreated from the ground up, with a brand new tune and all the trimmings. Retrace The King’s history and uncover the unmentionable secrets of Armello’s past… or just change the volume in the settings menu.

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Graphic of the hero selection panel

Hero Selection Overhaul

Your favourite heroes at the tip of your fingers.

You’ve decided to save Armello yet again, now, which hero is worthy of your guidance? In conjunction with saved hero loadouts from the Clan Grounds, Hero Selection has received a shiny overhaul.

3D Cards

Taking card play to the next dimension.

Whether you’re drawing ‘em or playing ‘em, card play has never felt so good. Cards in Armello have levelled up, and are now rendered completely in 3D.

Animation of a wolf and mouse shaking hands in a room with candles and scrolls

Party Menu

It’s dangerous to go alone.

Forging a party and getting into a game has never been more seamless. Now you can set up a party in any menu, making game organisation and navigation that much easier.

Community Quality of Life Fixes

You Suggested, We Delivered.

What better time to celebrate our community than with v2.0? Community suggested features have materialised in almost every facet of Armello.

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Animation of floating rings with large gemstones

Jewellery Box

Precious treasures deserve luxury storage.

Now you have a place to store and peruse your hard-earned Signets and Amulets. Review a brand new array of revised unlock conditions and hunt for what you’re missing!

Community Localisation

Contribute to Armello’s localisation.

Suggest and vote on improvements to become a localisation contributor for Armello. There may even be rewards for the particularly devoted!

View more details.
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Discover the extensive history of updates and support that have lead to this point.

View Previous Updates

Patch Notes


Multiplayer Reconnect Functionality

Players can now reconnect to multiplayer games that they have disconnected from.

  • Upon exiting/disconnecting from a multiplayer game you can now rejoin the game within 1 minute and 30 seconds, after which you will abandon said game.
  • Reconnection will remain possible through client close/open.
  • Exiting the game through the in-game menu is considered an auto-abandon.
  • Whilst in a disconnected state your hero will make no action. Upon abandoning, AI will take over as per normal.

Clan Grounds

Clan Grounds is a brand new menu area where you can browse heroes and their backstory, equip skins, jewellery and save hero-specific loadouts.

  • View and Save loadouts per Hero for all heroes.
  • View Heroes in larger scaled 3D models.
  • Loadouts includes the ability to equip rings, amulets, skins, chat lines, boasts, dice skins and badges.
  • Each Hero has a lore/story tab that entails their exploits prior to the quest for the crown.
  • View each Hero’s XP level and current progress, as well as earned and upcoming rewards.

Front-End UI Overhaul

The main menu and various options and sub-menus have been reworked, featuring tapestries detailing Armello’s rich history.

  • Menu visuals and functionality have been rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Different subsections of the menu feature different tapestries, including a brand new main screen tapestry (can you spot all of Armello’s Heroes?).
  • A red marker next to a menu item indicates new content/unlocked.
  • The mouse is now a light source to shine upon the tapestry wall.
  • Listen out for an all new Armello theme on the menus! (By the ever talented Michael Allen).Clicking the eye in the top left corner dismisses the forward facing UI to allow for better perusal. Navigate to other screens using the arrow keys.

Hero Select Redesign

Hero Selection screens have been rebuilt from the ground up, allowing for a smoother entry into games.

  • Hero portraits now appear in a slick new grid.
  • 3D Hero preview lighting has been touched up and generally improved.
  • Saved hero presets from the Clan Grounds will be automatically selected when choosing a Hero.
  • You can edit your saved load-out to make any last minute changes.

Quality of Life / UX Improvements

An amalgamation of many community requested improvements, and some we know you'll like.

  • Chat line previewChat lines are now previewed on hover, so you know exactly what your hero is about to say
  • Auto-chat string "I’m Thinking"When a player is not marked AFK, but also not doing any perceivable actions to other players, their hero will generate an automated "I’m thinking" chat line.
  • Hero shelf auto navigationWhen spectating/following another player, opening the Hero Shelf will open default to that followed Hero.
  • Yordana can never go last (maniacal laughter in the distance)Yordana’s hero power strength is dramatically damaged if she is last in the turn order. Now it’s rigged so she can never go last.
  • Camera smoothing and camera control update.Camera control or "hard-locked" camera control has been reduced, the camera is only locked during the King’s animation sequences and while placing perils.
  • End of Day/Night BufferPlayers can now play cards while the Day/Night spinner is transitioning.
  • Dice stack hit box reworkThis should result in far less accidental dice throws/misclicks, especially when attempting to grab the lowest card in your hand.
  • Updated and cleaned up Palace tilesPalace tile visual definitions are now much clearer.
  • New dice tool tipsDice tool tips are now smaller and include an image of the dice, the name, and the relevant collection.

New Party menu and flow

An omnipresent party system that sustains between menus.

  • Click on your display name/image in the top right to open the menu.
  • You can now start/join a party from any menu, including being in a Singleplayer game.
  • Current party members profile pictures appear in the minimised version.
  • Upon making your party, you can then select a Multiplayer Mode, and launch a game.
  • You can invite friends, toggle whether you want to play against other parties, recruit A.I, leave the party or leave the queue (stop searching).

Hero Mastery

Hero Mastery lets you level up and earn rewards per hero, unlocking a variety of content on the way.

  • Completing Armello games (single or multiplayer) with a hero, grants you XP for that hero.
  • Gathering XP, progresses your hero towards the next level.
  • XP comes in different amounts and from multiple sources.
    • Singleplayer/Multiplayer game complete = 75 XP
    • Multiplayer game complete bonus = 125 XP
    • Multiplayer game win bonus = 75 XP
  • Hero level maximum is 10, and every level will unlock content.
  • New unlockable content in the Hero Mastery system...
    • Additional Dice SlotThis will enable you to equip TWO dice skins at the same time with the relevant hero, opening a whole world of dice-stack customisation.
    • Hero-specific chat linesNew custom chat lines for each Hero, two per hero. These are equipped to a special chat tree slot with a unique visual treatment per Clan.
    • Hero specific BadgesNew badges that are centred around each Hero. Equip them to show your prowess with a hero!
    • New Hero BoastsNew hero boasts/taunts for each Hero. These replace the existing boast (which plays when you do things like completing quests or defeating hero’s in combat).
    • Rings and Chests.Level unlocks also include various chests from all different dice seasons and also a ring for each clan.
  • If you have already unlocked a ring/piece of content and you do so again in the Hero Mastery system, you will instead be compensated with a random Epic Dice from any collection.
  • You can earn XP towards Heroes you dont own (via content sharing in private multiplayer games). Rewards however will be locked until you purchase that Hero.

Jewellery Box

A brand new menu to peruse the Rings, Amulets and special Dice you have unlocked, and track the ones you're missing.

  • The four Clan Legends Dice, and Rot/Royal Dice are now unlockable via in-game actions/tasks. They are displayed in their entries in the Jewellery Box. If you previously purchased these you will retain them.
  • All Amulets are displayed, including default unlocked, previously earned and locked.
  • Locked amulets/rings display their unlock conditions, and can be viewed by Clan.

3D Cards

Playable cards in Armello are now 3D!

  • All (previously) 2D playable cards now in 3D.
  • This applies to in-game and also the Card Gallery.
  • Drag them around and bathe in their glory.

Quest Agency Update

Instead of being randomly assigned a quest token, players are now able to chose the token.

  • The quest chance and determination remains the same as previous versions.
  • Players select the token they wish to flip, after seeing the visual representation of the chance of success/failure.
  • This change is reflected in the prologue (including new prompts to teach this mechanic) and all other game modes.

2.0 Localisation Tool

Help us help you! Community localisation suggestions and edits can now be collated and submitted by you!

  • Using Weblate (exterior localisation tool):
    • Go to //
    • Accept the contributor agreement
    • Create an account (or log in with one of the suggested accounts)
    • Make sure you’re in the right project (armello localization/Armello Public)
    • Find your language in the list of available languages
    • Select ‘All strings’ (highlighted in green) and start inputting suggestions for the strings that you think were translated incorrectly
    • You can also vote for the suggestions that have already been made under the 'Suggestions' tab.
  • Once we have a sufficient amount of Suggestions, these will be reviewed by an exterior localisation team, and implemented into the game in a future patch.

Skeeve’s Shop Reformat

Skeeve has done some renovations, and has set up a more subtle store on the left side of the main menu, nested in the Newsfeed

  • The Skeeve’s Shop button has moved into the left menu
  • All premium dice will be removed for purchase, upon the launch of v2.0 at the latest. These are now unlockable via in-game challenges/conditions and any previously purchased will remain in your inventory.
  • The tabs appear as follows...
    • Collectors Edition
    • Featured
    • Skins
    • DLC

‘Options’ Reformat

The Options menu has been updated to include more appropriate sub headings such as Interface and Game Preferences.

  • Options split into the following subheadings...
    • Video & Audio
    • Game Preferences
    • Interface
    • Controls
    • Account Info
    • Send Feedback
  • Added interface option; Automatic Encounter Peeking (Off by default).When turned on, Automatic Encounter Peeking will cause you to automatically view any combat/peril that you’re able to.

Loot Consolidation

To bring older collections in line with newer ones, we are replacing all Chests and all Keys to the newer ‘Keyless Chest’ format.

  • Dice Collections which previously required Chests AND Keys will be changed to require just Chests. This affects Seasons 1-5.
  • Upon starting up v2.0 (including the beta), any Keys for those seasons in your Steam Inventory will be converted (silently) to Chests for the same season.
  • While the beta is running, opening a Chest for one of these seasons will still require a key.
  • *Importantly*, this means that anyone who boots up the beta will be left with no keys for Seasons 1-5, and be unable to open their Chests on either branch until 2.0 actually goes live. Players who do not boot up the beta will be unaffected by this, and will be able to open Seasons 1-5 using their Chests and Keys as normal until v2.0 is live for all.
  • This also applies for Season 1-5 Chests earned during the beta - they will be unopenable DURING the beta, due to requiring Keys, but will become openable when 2.0 goes live.
  • When v2.0 goes live, we will be making all Keys non-marketable and non-tradeable to prevent confusion. Booting up 2.0 will convert them to Chests, which will be marketable and tradeable as normal.
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