Party Support on MacOSX & Linux

Hi Armellians!

The service provider we use for Armello’s multiplayer infrastructure has decided to cease support for their party services on MacOSX and Linux. Unfortunately, this means that Party Functionality, including Private Multiplayer, is no longer available in Armello on MacOSX and native Linux platforms.

Note: Linux players can still access Armello’s full multiplayer functionality via Valve’s Proton, subject to your distro’s compatibility. You can find more info on playing Windows games on Linux via Proton here.

Other than Party Functionality, MacOSX and Linux versions of Armello remain unaffected and in parity with the Windows version in every way, retaining full functionality across all features

Still, we understand a portion of our Linux and Mac players enjoy playing Armello with friends (and natively on Linux). As such, if you play Armello on MacOSX or Linux and feel this has impacted the value of our game so much that you wish to refund your copy of Armello, you can submit an application for a refund via the following links on the platform you originally purchased Armello from: 

All storefronts have different refund policies and are subject to platform approval, so feel free to share this post in your refund application as proof of our authorisation.

We thank you for all of your support so far, and for those of you sticking around… your ongoing support means more than you could know. 

See you in Armello. 😉


<3 LoG